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Software Updates - April 1st, 2013

ARKbase 6.6.0, ARKsdk 6.6.0, ARKbase for Windows CE 6.6.0 and ARKonline Buildtool 6.6.0 are now available at:

ARK Downloads

Release Highlights

ARK is a set of software building blocks that can help reduce the time it takes to develop hearing instrument fitting software. ARKonline® is an efficient web-based tool for creating product libraries and keeping them organized.

Libraries can be created using custom or standard maps, microphone models, and receiver models. Libraries previously created by the user are stored in ARKonline for easy editing or downloading.

Downloading any ARKonline software package from ON Semiconductor requires a login name, password and the proper download privileges. A login name and password can be created by registering with ARKonline® here.

* ARKonline, FOUNDATION, FrontWave, PARAGON, SOUNDFIT and thinSTAX are registered trademarks and ARKbase, ARKfit, ARKsdk, Consolidator, Evoke, Evoke Lite, HRX, iLog, Inspiria, iSceneDetect, Rhythm, SiPArray, Venture, Voyageur, and Wolverine are all trademarks of Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC.

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