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ARK 6.6.2


Level Tool(s) Affected Product(s) Affected Description
B ARKonline N/A Updated ARKonline Downloads and Documents pages.

Bug Fixes:

Level Tool(s) Affected Product(s) Affected Description
2 All R3920 Resolved issue which would result in a notch in channel 10 when squeltch is enabled.
2 IDS GA3216/GA3227 Resolved a crash in IDS which would occur when working with a GA3216 or GA3227 based library and selecting the I/O tab.
3 ARKonline N/A Emails sent by ARKonline reference the correct site URL.

Known Issues:

Level Tool(s) Affected Product(s) Affected Description
3 IDS Inspiria™ SA3286, Ayre™ SA3291 On Windows 7 64 bit OS’es, a timeout occurs periodically when performing a Burn All indicators using the DSP Programmer 3.
3 Product Libraries Inspiria SA3286, Ayre SA3291 When the datalog is full, the .csv may still contain less than 750 entries. The maximum number of entries that would be missing when reading the log is 5. These 5 entries would be the oldest entries in the datalog not the most recent.
3 IDS Inspiria SA3286 The Evoke Editor will not burn/read back the correct frequencies for the Acoustic Indicators when switching from 32 kHz to 16 kHz products, and vice versa. In order to avoid this problem, users should be sure to select the appropriate Evoke Editor file before burning or reading to the device in IDS. If you have questions or concerns regarding this issue, please contact has.software@onsemi.com.

Bug Fix Criticality Levels:
  • 1: Critical bug fix. Sound Design recommends that all software using the affected modules should be updated as soon as possible. This includes fitting software, manufacturing tools, and all development software using these modules.

  • 2: Important bug fix. Sound Design recommends that this update should be incorporated into software under development and/or included in the next planned software release.

  • 3: Minor bug fix. This update improves look and feel or ease of use.
Improvement Levels:
  • A: Major improvement. This update significantly improves the software that enhances the product's performance and/or adds features or support for new Sound Design products.

  • B: Minor improvement. This update makes minor improvements to the software impacting the product's performance and/or its features.
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