Below is a list of our non-product-specific documentation.
Document Name Brief Description Download
Hybrid Jig User Manual This document describes how to properly operate and maintain the ON Semiconductor Hybrid Test Fixture Download Document
Component Selection in Hearing Aids This document describes what to look for when selecting hearing aid components and where to get them Download Document
How to Store, Reflow and Solder ON Semiconductor Hybrids This document describes how to store, reflow and solder ON Semiconductor hybrids Download Document
A New High Fidelity Digital Instrument Processor This document talks about digital signal processing and the importance of dynamic range, bandwidth, and signal integrity Download Document
Application Resource Kit (ARK) User's Guide This document provides a brief overview of ARK software Download Document
ARK White Paper This document introduces ARK and its various components Download Document
Redistributing ARK Components This document is a guideline describing how ARK developers should distribute ARK components with their applications Download Document
GU6701-E DSP Programmer Guide This document describes the programming system options currently available for communicating with ON Semiconductor's DSP hybrids Download Document
Support Software License Agreement The Terms and Conditions of the ON Semiconductor Product Support Software License Agreement Download Document
Recommendations for Handling ON Semiconductor Hybrids This document outlines the recommendations for handling our hybrids Download Document
Using DSP Hybrids in High Power Applications This document describes how to properly use ON Semiconductor's DSP Hybrids in High Power Applications Download Document
ARKfit programmers Guide This document describes how to use the ARKfit autofit component and accompanying example application FitEx Download Document

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