ARKfit is a collection of four different applications and their accompanying source code. These applications are designed to show software developers how to use the autofitting routines associated with the different families of products. FitEx provides sample code for the PARAGON® product family, SoundFitEx provides sample code for the FOUNDATION® product family, VentureFitEx provides sample code for VENTURE™ and INSPIRIA™ products, and InspiriaFitEx provides sample code for the INSPIRIA GA3285 product.

Important Installation Notes:

SOUNDFIT™ needs to be installed in order for ARKFit to run properly.

Run the downloaded self-extracting executable and extract the contents to the folder of your choice.

The source code and executable for each application is located in the folders: "FitEx", "SoundFitEx", "VentureFitEx", and "InspiriaFitEx".

FitEx (but not SoundFitEx, VentureFitEx, and InspiriaFitEx) require the "ARKFit.dll" file to be installed.

To Install ARKFit.dll, follow these steps...

- Copy the "ARKFit.dll" to your computer (e.g. C:\Windows\ARK\)
- Register the file using regsvr32
- Open a command prompt (Click "Start", Click "Run", type "cmd")
- change to directory where ARKFit.dll was copied to (e.g. type "cd c:\Windows\ARK")
- Type "regsvr32 'ARKFit.dll' "

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