ARKsdk v6.6.2
Readme File
Release Notes

ARK is a set of software building blocks that helps reduce the development time for hearing aid fitting software. ARKsdk is the ARK Software Developer's Kit. It contains source code for most of the applications included in ARKbase® and example code for multiple development environments.

For information on developing with ARK, please see The ARK White Paper and Redistributing ARK Components.

Important Installation Notes:

If you compile the Interactive Data Sheet, the executable must be copied to "C:\Program Files\ON Semiconductor\ARK" before Filter Designer Plus can be compiled or run.

To use the source code included in ARKsdk, you must have ARKbase v3.2.0 or higher installed.

For more Installation Notes, please see the ARKbase Readme File

Downloading any ARKsdk software package from ON Semiconductor requires a login name, password and the proper download privileges. A login name and password can be created by registering with ARKonline™ here.

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