SOUNDFIT User's Manual
SOUNDFIT Customization Manual
Config Utility 5.8.0
Config Utility User's Manual

SOUNDFIT™ is an integrated hearing aid fitting software for ON Semiconductor's hearing aid DSP products.

SOUNDFIT enables the easy adaptation of ON Semiconductor's latest digital technologies to your hearing aid product with an extremely simple, easy-to-use fitting software application. SOUNDFIT comes equipped with a full suite of product reference designs and user guides facilitating quick development and early launch of hearing aids.

SOUNDFIT Customization Software is an extremely powerful add-on utility which allows customization of the SOUNDFIT fitting software with a hearing aid manufacturer's brand. The customized product can be easily redistributed with the manufacturer's products.

SOUNDFIT Config Utility configures ON Semiconductor's RHYTHM™, VENTURE™ and FOUNDATION® devices with product libraries that are compatible with SOUNDFIT

Important Installation Notes:

The latest version of ARKbase® has to be installed in order for the Config Software to work properly.

The SOUNDFIT Customization Tool is now included with the SOUNDFIT installer.

Important Note for SOUNDFIT 5.2.0:

Users running Windows XP or 2000 must install the .NET Framework 2.0 from Microsoft in order to use the iLog application for datalogging on Inspiria GA3285. Selecting the Custom button will display a list of available updates. If the .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed, it will appear in that list. iLog is not supported on Windows 98 or earlier.

Downloading any SOUNDFIT software package from ON Semiconductor requires a login name, password and the proper download privileges. A login name and password can be created by registering with ARKonline™ here.

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